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Welcome to BVDV Australia is an educational service funded by Zoetis Australia to provide veterinarians and farmers with an overview of the impact of BVDV infection on the Australian cattle industry.

Featuring on this website is the recently established BVDV Technical Advisory Group (TAG) - a dedicated team of veterinary researchers and practising veterinarians with experience across the beef, dairy and feedlot industries.

Australia can no longer afford to be complacent about the clinical and economic impact of this disease.
Professor Michael McGowan
Our intention is to continually develop this site as a central hub for information on BVDV in Australia. Throughout the site you will find expert advice and opinions on the most recent BVDV related issues from some of Australia's leading cattle vets.

Featured on this website are the first Australian national guidelines for the investigation and control of BVDV infection in cattle and feedlots in Australia.

These guidelines, developed by BVDV TAG members, will provide veterinarians and farmers with options for management strategies to control BVDV in Australia.


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